University of Minnesota
African American & African Studies


Choosing & Declaring a Major or Minor


When considering a major or minor in African American & African Studies, you should first consult with the undergraduate academic advisor or the Director of Undergraduate Studies (DUS). Either will assist you concerning major or minor requirements, course offerings, career possibilities, and related degree matters. Stop by the departmental advising office, Room 853, during walk-in hours with your transcript or call 612-624-0122 to set up an appointment. Be sure to obtain a signed major or minor program form from the departmental advisor. The departmental advisor will keep one copy and give you two. One is for you; the original must be submitted to your College Advising Office. The departmental advisor will also discuss the additional points that apply to the major.

In addition, our faculty will be happy to provide you with specifics about their courses, research interests, language training, and learning abroad opportunities. Your next step should be enrolling in one or two of the department's courses in a specific area of concentration that interest you. These courses will satisfy one or more of the Liberal Education (LE) requirements of the University and will give you an opportunity to learn first hand about the field of African American & African Studies.

If you are only interested in a minor, you should inquire about the minor in African American & African Studies or the Ethnic Studies minor in Comparative U.S. Race and Ethnicity.

The academic advisor and DUS will also inform you of the learning abroad opportunities as an integral part of the major. Students should begin thinking as early as possible about preparatory language training if learning abroad is something they want to enhance their undergraduate experience.