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Admission Requirements

This is a program of graduate minors open only to students currently enrolled or accepted in a major program of the Graduate school. Admission to the minor program is contingent upon enrollment in good standing in a recognized degree-granting program within the Graduate School of the University of Minnesota. Admission to the minor program is limited and granted only by permission of the DGS in African and the African Diaspora and the faculty selection committee. Students interested in applying to the minor program may request information and application forms from the DGS in Africa and the African Diaspora. The minor is formally declared after the student files his/her program and the DGS in his/her major and minor fields have signed appropriate forms. Students may apply at any time, but the application deadline for fall term is May 1. Each student for the Master's Ph.D. minor in Africa and the African Diaspora is expected to have had sufficient background, including history, in either African American Studies or African Studies to begin graduate-level study. However, an undergraduate major or minor in African American or African Studies is not required.